Could you be wondering what Happy Wheels is all about? Well, it is a gaming arcade filled with a dark interesting humor. It has been considered as one of the biggest fantastic free online games for the modern generation. It employs physics gaming engine whereby the player is expected to start and end the game in the fastest time possible.

For a player to be clowned victorious, he or she has to ensure that they have to complete the required level alive and without breaking their limbs along the way by avoiding the dangerous death pits they come across.

Happy Wheels UnblockedAbout Happy Wheels Unblocked
Basically it’s a flash game that employs the ragdoll-physics-adventure technique. It was invented by Jim Bonacci and later managed to launch it in June of 2010. He was provoked to make the game out of frustration of other ragdoll-physics games that were in existence by then. Previously, no one made their ragdolls die in the right manner according to Jim Bonacci and this agitated him to make this game what it is now and published it on June 2010 on his official website.

Features of Unblocked Happy Wheels
This amazing game consists of a variety of levels with expectations of doing anything from driving or racing a car to putter around on a segway. It can be a bit gory, in a cartoon kind of way and has nothing too graphic therefore very appropriate for younger children.

Controls of the game

Launch your browser, navigate the game and set your favorite options then click on “play the game”.

Learn the controls for the game. Left allows you to lean left or backwards, right allows you to lean right or over, up allows you to go forwards, down allows you to brake or go backwards, space bar allows you to use special ability, Z allows you to eject from your bike, shift + control allows you to move your legs and arms after you have ejected from your bike.

Levels of the game 

The levels and special characters to choose from include: 

An old destitute man in a wheelchair granted special ability to boost. A suited male on a Segway; empowered with the ability to jump. A careless dad and his kid on a bicycle; they have the ability to brake. A plump female in a mobility scooter is only able to jump. A couple on a moped; their ability is only to boost. A chubby African-American redneck on a riding mower; abilities include jumping, mowing up human beings and occasionally food substances by running over them. An explorer in a mine-cart; his ability is to stick to rail items. A Santa in his Sleigh, with two elves dragging him: his ability is to soar for a while. A pogo stick man, who can jump far above the ground by pressing, holding and releasing space button. A negligent mom complementing the reckless dad with the ability to brake.

Tricks about the game
To start the game by moving, press the Up arrow and this will make your character to start moving forward. When you face an obstacle that seems impassible, use the space bar and your character’s special ability will help you maneuver.

Beware of creatures, traps, and holes. They will invariably fail you towards completing your levels.

Clear your levels 
Finishing your levels is paramount and can only be achieved by maneuvering through the obstacles that you come through such as spikes, gravity wells, wrecking balls, landmines and giant spiders. If your character’s head or body gets injured, the game ends. Surprisingly your character’s arms and/ legs does not imply that the game is over but literally there will be a lot of bloodshed.